• Holly Lenihan

7 Reasons To Feel Positive About Your Postponed Wedding

If your wedding plans have been changed or cancelled due to coronavirus, my heart goes out to you. The hard work and excitement leading up to your big day has now been delayed, however it's not all bad. Looking after our mental health is key at any time of year, but particularly right now, so get yourself a cup of tea, light a nice smelling candle and read over my 7 reasons to feel positive about your postponed wedding

1. More Time To Save The Big Bucks

Have you always wanted an extravagant wedding day but your budget didn't allow it? One positive about delaying your big day is that you have more time to put those pennies away. Other than going to work there's not much else to do at the moment, so saving pennies will be easier than before.

2. More Time... Generally

With places closed and restrictions in place, going out is not the same as it was at the beginning of the year. Spending more time at home can be brilliant for those extra plans that you had in mind - more time for crafting, internet shopping or writing a heartfelt speech that your guests aren't expecting.

3. Master That Walk Down The Aisle

If high heels are your signature style, then now is the time to practice in them. Rather than prioritising comfort over style, you can now wear your wedding shoes around the house and be an expert in them come the big day! Same for the groom's shoes - no pinched toes for you.

4. Evaluate Relationships

If you've postponed your wedding to a year later, a lot can happen in that time. Friendships can become even stronger and you may want to give more loved ones a role in your day. The more the merrier!

5. Practice Hair And Makeup

With more time to play with, you can do even more hair and makeup research. This is the ideal time to find something totally unique and gorgeous; and if you weren't originally having a professional doing your hair and makeup (because of the cost), perhaps now you could treat yourself with the extra money you'll be saving up.

6. Second Chances

Changing your date may mean that people that couldn't originally attend your big day will now be able to. With holidays not really being booked at the moment and calendars empty, your big day could turn out even more special with everyone who means the most to you.

7. No Regrets

If there was anything that you wish you had organised, anyone that you'd wished you'd asked to get involved or any wardrobe changes you wanted to make... Well, now you can. Although most things will obviously be set in stone, your big day should be exactly how you want it, so moving things around is totally acceptable.

It is a tough time for us all, but a little bit of positivity can go a long way. As ever, try and have fun during the process and think about all the reasons why postponing your big day is a good thing - then, when it comes, it will be the best day EVER.

Stay safe and have lots of fun!

Holly x