• Holly Lenihan

7 Ways To Involve The Uninvited

There's no doubt about it, having to un-invite people to your big day is a tough decision to make. But, in this crazy and uncertain time that we are living in, unless you're planning on postponing your wedding, reducing the numbers is a must. At the time of writing, the number allowed to attend a wedding in the UK is just 13 people (plus the bride and groom - so 15 in total).

Your loved ones will of course understand and quite frankly expect to be uninvited anyway - if you have to choose between your sister (who is also your best friend) and great aunt Mildred who you haven't seen for 4 years, it's a no brainer. However, this doesn't mean that Great Aunt Mildred can't still be involved and feel like part of your wedding... And here's how!

1. Send Out Cards Explaining The Situation

Everyone loves receiving mail, particularly if it is beautiful. Let your guests know that they unfortunately won't be able to attend your big day, but also use this as an opportunity to share some key information with them. You could add links to your live stream (see point below), details of an intimate pre/post wedding meal and just let them know that you love them.

2. Stream Your Wedding

It's a disappointing thought that your friends won't see you walk down the aisle, but have no fear, this can be combatted by live streaming your wedding ceremony. This may seem a bit technical, but your photographer, videographer or wedding coordinator will certainly be able to help and will take care of it.

3. Video Call Your Guests

It may sound crazy, but if you are having a SUPER small wedding (i.e. just the two of you), you could arrange a family video call so that everyone can witness the ceremony and any speeches you'd like to make. Unconventional, yes, but maybe perfect for your romantic elopement.

4. Get Those Photos Snapped

Just because you're having a smaller day, doesn't mean that you can't still have lots and lots of photos. Take advantage of the smaller party and ask your photographer for all sorts of photo combinations to share with loved ones back home - a photo of you and your Nan would be a beautiful gift to Grandad who has had to stay at home.

5. Share The Love (And Photos) Throughout The Day

It's quite common for couples to ask that nothing be put on social media until after the big day, but this is the perfect time to break the mould. By letting your guests share photos and videos throughout the day, the people at home will feel connected and thought of. Saying this, your guests will want to enjoy their day and embrace it, so maybe not too much social media or texting! A good way to limit this could be to give people the job of texting certain loved ones to keep them updated. However, once dinner time comes, ditch those phones and make sure they enjoy themselves.

6. Create Keepsakes

If you're not too exhausted, photo gifts will go down a treat after the wedding. Albums, frames or even just simple cards can be a lovely way of letting someone know that you were still thinking of them and wanted to share your special day with them.

7. Show Your Love In The Form Of Cake

If your budget allows it, you could still have that giant cake that you always dreamed of. Asking your bridal party to deliver leftovers whilst you go on your honeymoon will mean that the guests who missed out will have a little taste of what your day was like. Plus, cake makes everyone happy.

It's been a very tough year for us all, but that doesn't mean your day can't still be magical. As long as your loved ones are healthy and with you in spirit, that's really all you need.

Enjoy the planning and keep smiling,

Holly x