• Holly Lenihan

Coronecessities - Cute Covid Wedding Must Haves

We're all getting used to this new 'normal', but times are still tough. Our feelings are valid, and if you need a duvet day to process these negative feelings, then you have every right to do so. BUT, planning your smaller, covid-friendly wedding can still be an exciting and joyful experience. Here are some of my favourite wedding accessories that I've found - hope you love them as much as I do!

Personalised Masks

To keep us all safe and well, masks are still essential - even on your wedding day. Although this is far from how you probably wanted to look on your wedding day, everyone is in the same boat, and if it means that a group of 15 of you can celebrate together, then so be it. Rather than going for a bog standard mask, why not personalise some with your initials or wedding date? Or even have colour coordinated ones to match your outfit? The possibilities are endless and can end up looking pretty funky.

Hand Sanitiser Wedding Favours

Hand sanitiser is now a staple in everyone's handbag or pocket, so why not make it extra special and make them into wedding favours? With personalised labels, colours and designs, you could provide your guests with a cute keepsake that has actually never been more useful. Goodbye sugared almonds!

Signs To Guide Your Guests, But Also Look Pretty

Having signs to direct your guests are not a new invention, but with the new restrictions and procedures in place, they could prove even more useful. Sanitising station signs, mask reminders and positive affirmations will ensure that your guests are safe and feeling on top of the world during your wonderful day.

Bridesmaids Survival Package

If within the rule of 6, you can still have that fabulous giggly sleepover before the big day. Your bridesmaids would have gone above and beyond to make sure you're as relaxed as can be throughout this whole process, so why not thank them with a covid survival kit? Filled with hand sanitiser, personalised masks and a message from the heart, you and your bridesmaids will still have that all important soppy moment.

A Lockdown Scrapbook

This is an extraordinary time in all of our lives, so quite an amazing and unique time to plan your wedding. Keeping a scrapbook during lockdown can be a great, positive activity for you and your partner to focus on, and could be a lovely thing to display at your wedding for your guests to look over.

Social Distancing Wristbands

An amazing tool to ensure that your guests are comfortable; with different colours for different messages, your guests will all respect each other and keep each other safe. For example, a red wristband would indicate that the guest would feel more comfortable keeping socially distanced; a yellow wristband would indicate that the guest is comfortable speaking with others, and a black wristband would indicate that the guest is happy to get closer and even shake hands. This idea would need to be thought out carefully though, to make sure that everyone is safe and complying with government guidelines.

It's never been so important to keep busy, positive and motivated, but also to support independent businesses. If there's anything above you'd like us to help you with, please do get in touch. We will either produce them for you or point you in the right direction.

Your day WILL still be magical - the most important thing is that you're with the one you love.

Have fun!

Holly x