• Holly Lenihan

Getting Stuff Done During Wed-Lockdown

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

There’s no doubt about it, it’s been a very strange and worrying few months for us all, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be productive.

Cracking on with your wedmin during this time is a brilliant idea for many reasons; it’ll keep you busy, keep the wedding momentum going, and it can be fun!

It needn’t be stressful or laborious, just a couple of bits a week to keep things moving.

From personal experience, I’d say the best thing to do first is MAKE. THAT. LIST. The list that we all sort of dread, as it’s so easy to get carried away and forget about our budget.

My husband and I made an initial list of what we wanted for our big day, then cut out the least important parts to fit in with what we could afford (music & cupcakes were of course top of the list and weren’t going anywhere).

It can seem quite daunting to see a long list in front of you, but now may actually be the best time for you to be able to tackle it; if and when lock down ends, you can then use those precious hours to go out and visit loved ones knowing that your wedmin tasks are well underway.

So what can be done from home, anyway? Lots! We actually did most of our wedmin at home, and then just met with a couple of suppliers later on. With the ever changing situation at the moment, meetings can easily be replaced with video calls.

The Perfect Place To Say ‘I Do’

Of course, ideally you’d look around prospective wedding venues in person, however most venues are now offering virtual tours and videos instead. This means that you can look around your future venue in your pj’s with a cup of tea - every cloud! Once you have chosen your venue, the staff may show you around privately (socially distanced of course), before you put down a deposit. No more chaotic open days for now.

Pimp My Venue

Once you have found your dream venue, you can start to plan how you’d like it to look on the big day. With so many resources online, why not create a mood board with inspirational photos and colour schemes? Websites such as Etsy, Pinterest and Instagram are all filled with fascinating and unique ideas to get you started.

Food, Glorious Food

Food tasting is not a viable option at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that your hunt for the perfect caterers can’t begin. Venues with recommended food suppliers will make this task much easier for you, but if not, customer reviews and photos are a great thing to go by. There’s nothing stopping you from arranging a future meet up with a caterer you like the look of - get those dates in the diary and prepare yourself for some seriously yummy grub.

Boogie Wonderland

Let’s face it, the evening of a wedding is the most exciting part, so using this time to find the perfect performer for your day is ideal. Whether you fancy a DJ or band, most will be more than happy to speak via video chat and even send you demos of their work. This could be a great time to get to know them too, whereas normally they may be time limited and not be able to chat as much. You could even create your perfect wedding playlist and choose the all important First Dance song - perhaps a meaningful one that has helped you both during these tough few months.

Bits and Bobs Online

Just because it’s a bit trickier to get out and about, it doesn’t mean that shopping has to stop. This time at home could be perfect for purchasing outfits, presents, invitations… the list is endless! As mentioned before, we particularly love Etsy; it’s full of independent sellers and unconventional goodies. And who’s to say that you should be the ones spending all the money, anyway? You could think about yourselves and create your gift list or website (if you’re having one); spending a lot of time at home recently may have made you realise that you could actually do with that new kettle after all.

It is a baffling time for us all, and things aren’t quite the same… But there is still so much joy to be had and so much planning to be done. Try and enjoy every moment, every purchase and every decision that you make in the lead up to your precious day; you’ll blink and it’ll all be over…