• John Lally

Our Top 5 Best Resources For A DIY Wedding

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Weddings can be expensive and it's so easy to get carried away.

Setting a realistic budget is always a good idea, but anyone who's planned a wedding will tell you how quickly it can all add up.

Your budget, which seemed quite high to begin with, is now bursting at the seams and crucial compromises will need to be considered.

From websites to wedding favours, there's so much you can do yourselves and with our 5 favourite resources for DIY wedding planning, there's no reason why you can't don your creative cap and take on every part of your wedding yourself. The only exception being your invitations & stationery - we recommend outsourcing this to a professional company... (only joking, see number 5).

Photo By Annie Gray On Unsplash

1. DaFont

If you haven't heard of DaFont, you're in for a treat. DaFont is a one of the most popular free font websites in the world. It's one of our favourite resources for designing wedding stationery and will prove invaluable to you when planning your DIY wedding.

There's an extensive range to choose from in a wide variety of styles, so whether you're after a stylish script font or a basic serif typeface, you're guaranteed to find a font that fits.

In addition to the eclectic collection of standard styles, there's also a good mix of movie fonts to choose from. So whether it's a Star Wars wedding breakfast, a Harry Potter ceremony, or a Disney's Magic Kingdom reception, DaFont will have all the styles you need to achieve a consistent and authentic themed wedding.

2. Unsplash

Unsplash is an archive of beautiful, free images under special license to be used by anybody for any purpose. With over 100,000 contributing photographers and 1.5 Million photos, it's one of the largest collections of free photos on the web. All they ask in return, is to credit the photographer when using their images.

Unsplash is a site we've used countless times in the past for a variety of projects, from web design to brochures and our wedding stationery templates. Beautifully edited and all in high resolution, this site will prove very useful when designing your own wedding website. If you need a generic shot of some wedding rings, Unsplash will have you covered. If you need a bouquet to match your style, you can find it on Unsplash.

If you choose to design your wedding website with Wix.com, their template photo bank links directly to 3 resources - Wix photos, Shutterstock & Unsplash. Wix photos is limited and Shutterstock costs money, leaving Unsplash the best of the bunch.

3. Iconfinder

Iconfinder is another free online archive for icon stock images. Whether it's a social media logo you need or an icon of a church, Iconfinder will have the images you need. There are paid options on the site too, but more often than not you'll be able to find what you're looking for amongst their selection of free icons.

When it comes to your own DIY wedding, Iconfinder will become a very useful resource. If you're creating a wedding timeline with icons, you'll be able to find suitable images for every event that's happening throughout the big day. Similarly, you might be creating a social media sign for your wedding, on Iconfinder you'll find all the social media icons in a variety of styles.

Iconfinder allows you to download the images in their archive, free of charge in a range of different file formats. If you're looking to significantly increase the size of an image, you'll be looking for an SVG format (scaleable vector graphic). This essentially means, you can increase the size as large as you need and it won't lose quality or pixelate. If you only need a small icon for a website or card, a png. or jpeg. file format will suffice.

4. Sell My Wedding

From your wedding dress to your venue decorations, there are a lot of things purchased for a wedding which will only get used once. Some of the items purchased for your wedding day can be very costly. Many couples will keep items as mementos and keepsakes, but for the more savings-savvy amongst us, there's Sell My Wedding.

Sell My Wedding is a website dedicated to buying and selling preloved wedding items. From fashion & accessories to decor and venue styling, the range of items they have on offer is vast. While you'd usually expect to pay over the odds for a brand new wedding dress, Sell My Wedding lists a selection at a fraction of the usual price.

Not only is Sell My Wedding ideal for watching the pennies when planning your wedding, it's also a great way to make some money once the wedding is over.

5. TavernCreative

Okay, I know what you thinking, 'How can you list yourself as one of your best recommendations for DIY wedding resources?'

Yes we're a wedding stationery company and would always highly recommend using our services, but we also understand that your wedding should be planned the way you want to. Creating your own stationery might be your way of adding a personal touch to your big day. You could be an artist or graphic designer and want to exhibit your talents to your friends and family.

In addition to designing and printing wedding invitations and stationery we also offer the 3 following things to help you if you decide to go down the DIY route:


If you are a designer yourself, it can be very rewarding producing your own stationery but you will of course want the finished results to look their best. We can print your designs on any size or format to help you achieve your vision.


We also offer a design only service. We always recommend leaving your place cards and table plan to the very last minute, for example. If you're in Australia or USA, it might be useful to have us design your on-the-day stationery for you to take to a local print shop close to the day.


Whether you're a customer of ours of not, we're always here to offer our best advice when it comes to planning your wedding. Between us we have over a decade of experience in the wedding industry and 1.5 weddings of our own (my own wedding has been postponed until 2021, hence the 0.5). We have lots of great tips, tricks and recommendations to help your wedding planning go as smoothly as possible.