• John Lally

Perfect Date, Perfect Day!

Setting a date for your wedding can be the most exciting - and challenging - aspect of planning the big day. It’s one of the first questions your family and friends will ask: “OMG, you’re getting married! Let me see the ring! So... have you set a date?”

If only it were as simple as throwing a dart at the calendar to see where it lands.

Here are the top things to consider when setting the perfect date for the perfect day.

A Significant Date

Is there anything cuter than a couple getting married on the exact date that they met 5 years ago? Imagine how adorable the speeches would be! Maybe you’ll tie the knot on the anniversary that you and your partner first said those all-important 3 words or perhaps you’re the type of person that would prefer to create a whole new beginning by selecting a date that doesn’t have any meaning at all. Weddings are a celebration of you, your partner and the relationship that you share, so the date could be a representation of that.


A wedding is such a joyful occasion for all involved and (if money isn’t a concern) the saying “the more the merrier” could not be more appropriate! It’s super important to take your close friends and family into consideration. If your bridesmaid is a school teacher, a weekday wedding during term time might prove difficult for her. If it's you best mans 30th birthday, it would be unwise to schedule your wedding around his celebration. Similarly, whilst winter weddings are always a lovely idea, take into account the jam packed diaries your guests will inevitably have in the weeks before Christmas. Avoid those awkward double bookings.


Whether your wedding will have a theme or not, there’s always a certain aesthetic that you want to create and the date can certainly tie into this. Rustic weddings are never more beautiful than in the early autumn when the air is fresh, the leaves are crisp and there are a whole lot less bugs flying around! On the other hand if spring bloom is your thing, keep in mind that “April showers bring May flowers” and outdoor weddings can be absolutely exquisite when colours are starting to re-emerge. The aesthetic can tie into every other aspect of your wedding too - invitations, the table decorations and the bridal party flower arrangements. Don’t forget most flowers are seasonal, so if you’ve always envisioned yourself holding a bouquet of peonies whilst gliding down the aisle then you might want to rethink the September wedding.

Location, location, location

Summer weddings are always the most-favoured, thanks to the usually reliable weather (more on that next) and venues get snapped up years in advance, so it’s super important to pinpoint the date early on and ensure your perfect venue is available. It’s no big surprise that venues increase their prices in the summer months due to high-demand! If you’re set on your venue being a hotel, even in winter months you’ll be scheduling around pre-booked work Christmas parties. Of course, if you’re planning on a destination wedding then make sure you’ve done all your homework. Saying “I do” underneath a Caribbean sun might seem like the most romantic idea in the world but temperatures soar in the summer months and travel costs for the bridal party will too.

The weather

The weather is probably the only factor that you have absolutely no control over in regards to your wedding; June, July and August are understandably the most popular months to get married in the UK but you still can’t guarantee there won’t be a summer storm! If the weather does cooperate, think bridal photographs in front of a beautiful sunset and a magical first dance underneath the stars. Winter weddings can also be stunningly beautiful and the photographs even more so (see Christine Quinn from Selling Sunset’s wedding), if we’re lucky enough to experience real snow. Again, think seasonally - there is huge chance of rain, so be sure to purchase sturdy umbrellas for your bridesmaids to hold when you’re exiting that princess carriage!

The cost

Venue fees are probably the hardest punch to the wallet you’ll experience when planning the best day of your life, so why not be as budget conscious as possible? December to March are off-season and the cheapest months to hire a venue simply because there is far less demand. It’s not just the venue either - photographers, musicians and live bands, caterers and beauticians drop their prices during the winter months. Weddings that are scheduled on the weekends may be more convenient for your guests but your DJ will likely drop the price for their services if your after-party is on a weekday.

The most important thing is that your wedding makes you happy. You will likely have been dreaming of this day long before your partner popped the big question, so it’s important to remain true to your vision.