• Holly Lenihan

Should I..? A Guide To Following Your Heart & Ignoring The Wedding Planning Pressures

Planning a wedding is no easy feat. Everyone always stresses that it's your wedding, make sure you do what you want, but in reality, it is not always that simple! Based on my own experiences and stories I've heard, I've compiled a list for you to ensure that you have the best day ever and stay true to yourself. This really is YOUR day!

Be Harsh When Making Your Guest List

Now I know that for most of us, this is NOT easy. You want to keep the peace, I get it... But at the end of the day, you want to share your day with people that you feel connected to, people that you enjoy to be with, and people that really do 'fill your cup'. Once upon a time it was tradition to invite every single person you knew, whether you liked them or not, but times have most definitely changed my friends! And it's not all about money, of course, but the reality is that you're paying for each person that attends your wedding. If you feel like you should invite a family member for fear of upsetting another family member, honesty is always the best policy, in my opinion. Speak to the family member that you are inviting, explain to them how you feel, and ask them to respect your decision. You can't be fairer than that.

Say No To Things That Make You Feel Uncomfortable

Guys, it's your day. If your nan wants you to wear her wedding dress but you can't think of anything worse, again, be honest! It's a lovely gesture and it really would be meaningful, but you're the one who will then live with that decision for the rest of your life. If your nan is happy to part with her dress, perhaps the fabric can be used to make something else for your day instead. Compromises can be made, as long as you are happy with them.

Going Against The Grain

There are so many traditions that are expected of you by family, but also wedding vendors too. If your photographer is suggesting that a bouquet toss would make a great photo, but your aim is dreadful and you want to save yourself the embarrassment, then, you guessed it, be honest and tell them that you will not be participating in such an event, thank you very much.

Let Your Awesome Personalities Shine Through

After all, the day is yours! If you both love movies, why not have an unconventional Marvel themed cake? The day is literally a celebration of you and your love for each other, so little details that reflect you as a couple are cute and a great talking point for your guests, too. Flowers and confetti aren't for everyone, and a funky wedding theme will have people talking for ages.

Arranging The Top Table

Another tradition that isn't so easy these days... Blended and broken families are so common and normal, that the original arrangement of a top table may not be feasible. Sit with who you want to sit with, because ultimately you'll be sat there for a good couple of hours and so need to have the best time! Perhaps a top table isn't even for you - everyone that loves you and is understanding will accept any decisions you both wish to make.

Spend Your Evening However You Wish

If you get great joy from speaking to people and making sure they feel welcomed and appreciated, then mingling all night is clearly your chosen activity for the evening. However, if you'd rather stay on the dance floor all night and appreciate your amazing song choices, then your guests can come to you. People have come to celebrate with you and will just want you to be happy.

Although this seems like a bit of a bossy post, that is really not my intention - I just can't stress enough how your day should be exactly how YOU, as a couple, want it to be. Your guests will be so excited to share your day with you because they love you and want you to be happy - not because you've followed traditions.

Be weird, have fun and enjoy the ride.

Holly x