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Wedding Menus By TavernCreative

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Wedding menus are an integral part of your wedding reception decor. They'll serve the practical function of reminding your guests what delicious dishes are coming their way, but also a more aesthetic function of seamlessly tying together your theme. They're the perfect finishing touch to your finely crafted table setting.

Wedding Menu Personalisation

Your wedding mens are the icing on the cake to your table setting; the cherry on top to your reception decor and before you stop reading this article, this is final course of food based analogies.

At the base level, you can design a simple restaurant style menu that lists every option for each course of your wedding breakfast. Your guest may have already chosen their meals and the table menu should serve as a reminder of their selection.

Alternatively, you may only have one choice per course, for every guest. In this instance, the menu card may be the first time your guests can have a glimpse of the food you'll be serving.

If you'd like to add a personal touch to your wedding menus there are a few things you can do:

  • Guest Name Personalisation - Print your guests names at the top of the menu. You can kill two birds with one stone, as their menu will double up as their place card.

  • Guest Menu Choice Personalisation - You can go one step further and actually print their personalised menu selections on the menu for them. This would be a clear way to remind your guests of their choices.

  • Guest Photo Personalisation - You could take the guest personalisation a step further and actually print their photos at the top of the menu. This would add a quirky finishing touch to your table stationery, which would not only act as a visual aid to help your guests find their seats, but would also be a great talking point when the wedding breakfast commences.

What Else can You Include On Your Menus

As with all of our wedding stationery, the template designs can be completely customised to suit you. Furthermore, we offer double sided printing for no extra charge. You may be happy with a single sided menu, but here's other ways you can use your menus

  • Hashtag - At the bottom of your wedding menu, you could add your wedding hashtag. A wedding hashtag will ensure any photos of the big day which are later posted on social media, are tagged with your wedding hashtag. This will give you and your guests a place to easily view all the informal shots that were taken on the day. Two top tips: 1. Keep the hashtag memorable as your guests are probably getting drunk tonight and this will hinder their short term memory. 2. Keep your hashtag relatively unique. If you're hashtag is #OurWedding2021, you're going to have thousands of photos from other weddings within the mix.

  • Wedding Photo Bingo - Wedding photo bingo is a great way to encourage your guests to capture all the candid shots of the day. On the back of your menus, you can print a bingo style grid containing a particular photo they're encouraged to capture during the reception i.e. a photo of the bride & groom kissing, or a photo of the flower girls dancing. Each time they take a photo from the list, they cross it off on their bingo card.

  • Wedding Crossword or Word Search - This will be a great way to keep kids entertained during the dinner but will also be a great ice-breaker for tables of guests that might not know each other well.

  • Bride & Groom Quiz - How well do you know the bride and groom. Have all your guests fill out the quiz on the back of the menu with an optional prize for the winner or winners.

  • Colouring Page For Kids or Draw By Numbers - Add an activity page to the back of the menus for the children in attendance.

  • Facts About The Couple - Add some information onto the reverse of your menus about the happy couple. Simply list some facts: where they met, how he/she proposed, their first house/pet/child.

  • Match The Fact With The Guest - The left panel has a list of random, unusual facts. The right panel has a list of every guest sat at the table. Each guest must match the name with the fact. This will be a great way for your guests to get to know each other.

  • Venue Information - If your venue is a historic building with a rich or interesting history, it would make a fascinating read for your guests at dinner.

  • A Verse, Poem or Religious Reading - If there's a particular piece of literature, a quote, saying or lyric you both love, why not add it to the back of your menu, or if it's brief, add it beneath the menu choices.

  • A Photo - Add a photo of the venue, the happy couple, your pet, your children. Anything you like.

  • And so, so much more - There's really so much you can do with the extra space on your menus. My only advice would be to gravitate towards social activities to encourage your guests to interact. You may love chapter 7 of War & Peace, but you wouldn't want your guests sat there in silence reading it during your wedding reception.

What Else Can You Use The For?

Our wedding menu collection is very versatile, so you can adapt the wording to suit a range of requirements:

  • Dinks Menus - You can use them as bar menus, detailing the drinks, special cocktails and if required, the prices.

  • Children's Menus - Often you'll have a separate menu for the younger guests. A matching menu will help them feel a part of the big day.

  • Buffett Menu - You may not be having a formal sit down meal, in which case we can adapt them to detail the tasty treats your guest will find at the buffet table.

  • Order of The Day Timeline - Forget food and drink, our 210x99mm menu cards are also the perfect shape for an order of the day timeline. Place a timeline on each ceremony chair and your guests will know exactly how they day will unfold.

  • Any of The Above - Any of the games and activities mentioned in the previous section, don't necessarily need to be a subsection on the dinner menu, they can be a dedicated card in their own right.

Our Designs

As with all of our items, our wedding menu designs can be found across the full range of wedding stationery, from save the dates, to on the dates and thank you cards.

We offer a free design before you buy, with all the revisions you need until they're perfect.


Step aside summer weddings, autumnal weddings are taking the spotlight and with our Autumn wedding menus, your fall wedding decor will be warm, cosy and bright.


A beach wedding conjures up bright and tropical colours, bursting with life. We kept this design neutral to fit in with any colour scheme, no matter how vibrant.


Our burst wedding menus are simple. We've designed them to tie in with our burst collection whilst remaining understated to ensure they don't detract from the wider table decor

Blush Floral

One of our favourites, the blush floral wedding menu contain classic wedding tones and beautiful floral features.


Sometimes less is more, and with our simple calligraphy style wedding menus you can let the rest of your table decorations do the talking.


Sometimes a sprinkling of colours is all you need to tie your menus in with the overall table place setting design.


Not tied down by any specific colour scheme, our destination wedding menus can be adapted to suit your perfect wedding abroad.

Greenery Eucalyptus

Our fan favourite design, as featured in Cosmopolitan in 2019, you can't go wrong with our greenery, gold and eucalyptus wedding menus.

Kraft Lights

Where are the lights I hear you ask? They're a key feature of the wider collection but with a stripped back version for the wedding menus, your table setting will remain decluttered.


Perfect for achieving your rustic theme, our kraft wedding menus are recycled and stylish.


If purple is your wedding colour, these breakfast menus are a must for you. With a wide palette of purple tones, they'll look stunning on your guest's plates.


For a rustic, nature themed wedding, our straight forward woodland wedding menus will be the ideal finishing touch to your reception dinner tables.


As seen in Vogue magazine in 2020, our olive design has rapidly become one of our best seller. It's simplistic and stylish and somehow manages to capture the current wedding trends perfectly.


Why is this design called One? This menu design is called One because the typeface and styling makes it a part of our One wedding collection. Called One because the wider range has one photo included on the design. If you'd like to add a photo to your menus, you're very welcome to.


Neutral unassuming floral designs work wonders with a carefully crafted table place setting. Adaptable for any colour scheme and floral arrangements.

Photo Booth

Go the extra mile with your menu personalisation and add a photo of each guest to their menu. It costs a little bit extra than your standard menus, but you'll save money on place cards as the menus are the place cards.

Rustic Floral

Our rustic floral dinner menus are understated and elegant. They'll tie in nicely with a wide range of wedding themes and can be personalised to suit you.


Summer weddings are great, Autumn weddings are magical and Winter weddings are cosy, but when it comes to Spring weddings, the colours and florals bursting with energy are unparalleled.


Succulents are very on trend. They make great wedding favours and the almost endless range of colours their flowers produce makes them a great choice for a wedding theme.


Sunflowers are a strong choice for your wedding flowers, they're simple, classic and happy. Our sunflower menus are guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of all your guests - or is that the champagne?


A blush floral design oozing with class, our whimsical wedding menus are a delightful finishing touch to your venue decorations.

White Roses

What makes our white roses design our most popular template to date. The colours are neutral, the floral elements are beautiful and the typography ties it all together perfectly.


Much like out lavender design, our wildflowers menu is ideal for a purple or lilac wedding theme. If you'd like more butterflies, let us know we'll add them on. If you'd like less butterflies, let us know, we'll take them off.


Fur coats instead of hats, warms fires instead of sunshine and mulled wine instead of Pimms. If you ask me, winter wedding are seriously underrated. Our winter wedding menus will help you and your guests have a joyous day at the most festive time of year and to top it off, the DJ is guaranteed to play Wham!


We're creating brand new designs all the time, so there's many more to come.

If there's something specific you're after, just let us know and we'll create it for you with our Bespoke Design service.