• John Lally

Wedding Stationery Update: Concertina Invitation Perforation

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

In June we wrote a detailed article explaining our most popular finishing touches, covering everything from wax seals to envelope printing. We detailed the different options available for each and gave a rough guide price based on a set quantity.

This was an blog post we felt we needed to write as there have been countless occasions in which our customers didn't realise the wide range of finishing touches we offer. Little details that will take your wedding stationery from 'exciting' to 'exquisite' (even if we do say so ourselves).

We fully appreciate that aside from the personal touch of the design work, the high quality textured card stock/envelopes and our attentive customer service, the wedding invitations themselves can look a lot like many other products on the market. As such we made it our mission in 2019 to add all your favourite finishing touches to ensure your wedding stationery stands out from the crowd and your unique wedding invitations impress your guests.

In our June article It's All In The Detail, one of the finishing touches we cover is a perforated RSVP panel on the trifold concertina wedding invitations. Our standard finished concertina invites were typically printed with a 'cut here' line. When your guests return their RSVP, they simply cut along the line and send back the postcard.

Upgrade to perforation and the task for your guests is even easier, the wedding invites look more luxurious and you don't need to print a 'cut here' line with a little icon of some scissors.

What a popular upgrade this was! Everybody who ordered trifold invites saw the benefits of paying a little extra, to have such an important detail added to their invites.

This got us thinking. A perforated RSVP on an all in one wedding invitation just makes sense. That is why it's so popular. That is why everybody who knows about this finishing touch is willing to upgrade.

This got us thinking some more. A finishing touch that is in such high demand, shouldn't be an optional add on, it should be the default.

So we're pleased to announce, that all our concertina wedding invitations now come with a perforated RSVP panel as standard. No more dotted line and scissors icon and no more cutting out for your guests. Just a sleek, simple tear that suits the luxuriousness of the invitations perfectly.

If the optional extra is not included as standard, does this mean the cost of the invitations has increased too? - I hear you ask. No you won't be paying anymore now that perforation is a standard finish. In fact we've recently reduced all of our prices - woo!

I want to use the 4th panel of my concertina invitations as an extra section for guest information. I don't need an RSVP! - I hear you say. Don't worry, the layout can be customised to suit you. If you don't want an RSVP panel, you don't have to. If you don't want perforation, we'll remove it.

As always we offer a free design before you buy and we're always happy to be lead by your vision for your invitations. We'll work with you and offer our expert advice and together we will create your dream wedding invitations.