• John Lally

Wedding Stationery Update: Wax Seals

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

2020: the year of COVID-19, the year of lockdown, the year of cancelled weddings worldwide and the year in which TavernCreative would not shut up about their wax seals!

It's true, we are in love with this wedding stationery finishing touch and we're not ashamed to admit it.

A wax seal to wedding invitations is what a cherry is to a cake. You could do without it, but who doesn't want the cherry on top.

This year we've offered our customers four different design in six different colours, along with the optional upgrade to have you own bespoke design made (usually your initials).

It's now time to review our colour options, designs and most importantly cost price!

  1. By improving our production methods and efficiency, we're now offering all wax seals at the new price of 49p each. This is reduced from the initial price of 80-90p each (which we'll be the first to admit that was a little pricey). We hope to continue to reduce our wax seal pricing to ensure they're an affordable addition for everybody's wedding invitations.

  2. Our four designs are Cupid, Rose, Rings & Leaves. They've had varying degrees of popularity over the months and we'll be looking to produce some new designs going forward that will not only look great with our wedding invitation designs, but also appeal to everyone. If you have any requests or ideas you'd like us to consider, please do get in touch.

  3. All your favourite colours! We have so many new colours we'd like to add to our range. So keep an eye out for our new selections over the coming months.

Whether it's invitations, save the dates or thank you cards... wax seals will add a delightful finishing touch to your wedding stationery.

Watch this space!