• Holly Lenihan

What Should I Include On My Wedding Invitations?

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Creating and sending your wedding invitations is such an exciting part of wedding planning. It's your time to shine and show your guests what great taste you have!

The first thing to decide is the information you'd like to include on your invites. This will influence the style and format you ultimately choose.

Top 5 things you should definitely include on your wedding invitations:

  1. It may seem obvious to you now, but nothing is obvious when you have a million and one things to do. Your names (including your surnames). It's all well and good telling your guests that they're invited, but if they've received 4 wedding invites in a year, they kinda need to know which is which.

  2. Your wedding date. I would suggest mentioning the day of the week, too, as your guests will then immediately know if they need to book time off work, without having to get the calendar out.

  3. The time of your ceremony and/or reception (for the evening invitations). If you're worried about guests being late, there's nothing wrong with asking your guests to get there early. Even better, tell a white lie and tell them that the ceremony starts 30 minutes before it actually does.

  4. The venue. Kind of important, but again, easily overlooked. If your ceremony and reception are in different places, don't forgot to put the address of both venues.

  5. RSVP details. Whether you want your guests to RSVP via post, email or text, make sure you include the relevant info. It's also a great idea to give your guests a deadline, as then you can let the venue and caterers know when you'll have your final guest numbers.

Photograph By James Bold

As well as the 5 crucial things to have on your invites, there's plenty more you could add:

  • Accommodation options

  • How to get there

  • Parking info

  • Gift information

  • Whether or not you'd like children to attend

  • Attire

  • Your contact details

  • Wedding website details (wedding websites are a great way for you to inform your guests, however be mindful that not everyone will be tech savvy).

Photograph By Wijdan Mq

There are also so many different invitation formats - flat cards with or without insert cards, gatefolds and concertinas, all with added extras like twine, wax seals, envelope liners... the list is endless. One thing's for sure, creating your invitations should be a fun and creative process. As with most wedding planning details, it may feel overwhelming to start with, but allow yourselves plenty of time to get your invites just right, and try and enjoy yourselves.

I only have one regret from my wedding experience - I didn't savour each and every moment. We ticked things off the list (which was very satisfying), but then just moved on to the next thing.

Slow down and enjoy the ride - this is such an exciting time in your lives. It should be celebrated and stress free.

Photograph By Foto Pettine